17 March 2016, Paris, France - It's race day today, La Verticale de la Tour Eiffel, the ascent race in France's most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower will be held this evening.

The organisers have put together a series of documents that may help you to report about the event. You may download both documents below. After the race, during the night, video footage from the event will become available, please watch this page for details. A selection of images will be uploaded shortly after the finish.

Download PDF
Download PDF
About EcoTrail® Paris

EcoTrail est un concept d'événements de course nature organisée à proximité directe des grandes villes et leur banlieue et dont l'ambition est d'offrir au plus grand nombre l'opportunité de (re)découvrir le patrimoine naturel et culturel de leur territoire tout en s'adonnant à une activité sportive en plein air.

EcoTrail is a concept of trail running events organized in close proximity to major cities and their suburds and whose ambition is to offer to many as possible to (re) discover the natural and cultural heritage of their territory while participating to outdoor sports activities.