The 121 first participants of La Verticale de la tour Eiffel® 2020 are announced

La Verticale de la tour Eiffel® is an ascent race going all the way up the most visited paid-for monument in the world.  This high-speed time trial race (new start every 20 seconds or every minute) is a true physical challenge, set in a monument that is the very definition of challenge.


Next March 11th for its 6th edition, 131 French and international runners will have the opportunity to climb the steps of the Eiffel Tower.

Find below the names of 81 drawn runners and the names of the 40 runners chosen by the expert committee.

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The 10 wild-card runners will be announced in January 2020.


Reminder of the new competition format :

Due to work undertaken by the Operating Company of la Tour Eiffel on the monument, the organizers of La Verticale de la Tour Eiffel® cannot guarantee access to the summit and are therefore innovating with a new competition format.

For its 6th edition, the ascent race of the most visited monument in the world offers participants the opportunity to climb the first 2 levels of the Eiffel Tower® twice (665 steps to climb for a positive altitude difference of 116 metres for a one-way trip), and for the best to compete in a third ascent in the final.


The event will take place on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 between 8:10 pm and 10:20 pm in 3 stages:

·       1st qualifying round - 665 steps

·       2nd qualifying round - 665 steps

·       Final - 665 steps

In total, for the finalists, a global ascent of almost 2000 steps !

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More information on this new competition format below :


North Communication - - +33(0)6 59 10 64 77

SETE - Victoria Klahr +33 (0)1 44 11 23 44 -

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