The Eiffel Tower Vertical, a unique ascent race in Paris, on March 15th 2018

Results of the 4th edition

Paris, France (03/16/2018) - Here are The Eiffel Tower Vertical® results!

The Eiffel Tower Vertical is a high-speed race timed against the clock (new start every 30 seconds or every minute) and is a true sporting challenge for every participant. This Thursday, 129 athletes took part in this ascent race going all the way up the most visited paid-for monument in the world. Find out the full results below:

Men’s podium

1. Piotr Lobodzinski / Poland - 07:56.67 (4th win in a row)

2. Christian Riedl / Germany - 8:12.00

3. Jacob Mayer / Austria - 8:19.29

Women’s podium

1. Suzy Walsham / Australia - 10:02.70 (4ème victoire consécutive)

2. Zuzana Krchova / Czech Republic - 10:19.46

3. Dominika Wisniewska-Ulfik / Poland - 10:34.18

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Now, onto the next EcoTrail Paris events, on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of March.

More information about the Eiffel Tower Vertical®:

About the EcoTrail Paris

The EcoTrail is a concept of nature racing organized near major cities and their suburbs, with the objective of providing as many people as possible with the opportunity to (re)discover the natural and cultural heritage of their region while practicing outdoors sporting activities.

About " Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel®"(SETE)

On November 1st 2017, the City of Paris assigned the operations and management of the Eiffel Tower to the SETE within the frame of a public service delegation over a period of 15 years. The SETE is a local public company of which 60% of the capital is held by the City of Paris and 40% by the department of Paris. Its board of directors is chaired by Bernard Gaudillère, Counsellor of Paris. With about 340 employees, the SETE ended 2016 with a turnover of €77.8 million. Its head manager is Anne Yannic.

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    Romain PIAU

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    Fabien Sommer
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About EcoTrail Paris®

Créé en 2008, l’EcoTrail Paris® est une course nature écoresponsable accessible à tous les pratiquants. Elle met en valeur le milieu naturel et culturel francilien en s’inscrivant au coeur des préoccupations du respect de l’environnement. L’événement propose une offre variée de trails, longues et courtes distances, mais également des marches nordiques et randonnées. L’EcoTrail Paris® est depuis 2021 le premier évènement sportif du dispositif Sport Planète élaboré par MAIF.
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Created in 2008, EcoTrail Paris is an eco-responsible nature race accessible to all runners. It highlights the natural and cultural environment of the parisian region by being at the heart of environmental concerns. The event offers a variety of long and short distance trails, but also Nordic walking and hiking. Since 2021, EcoTrail Paris is the first sporting event of the "Sport Planète" Program.