ECOTRAIL PARIS 2019 : Results of the 12th edition !


Saturday, March 16th was a day of performance and a full trail moment. More than 11,500 competitors ran from 18 to 80km races. The emblematic 80km event, with its finish line at the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, was the highlight of the day once again. But there were also some novelties on the 30 and 45km races, with finish lines on the parvis of the Trocadéro, with its breathtaking view on the Eiffel Tower! In 12 editions, never had there been so many runners in the EcoTrail Paris elite pool, including runners of international fame ! 


2,700 participants ran the 80km trail, the most awaited event of the weekend. Starting in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (Yvelines, 78), runners were able to discover unique locations of the west of the Ile-de-France region.

After 5 hours 46 minutes et 24 seconds, Benoît CORI (bib #6) won the race ahead of Jonathan PARISE (bib #475- 5H49’27) and Steve LECLERC (bib #2627 - 5H53’11) who claimed 3rd place.

Pictures Credits : EcoTrail Paris 2019 - Guiard


Leaving from the Château de Versailles, the 45km trail (which is perfect for marathon runners willing to turn to middle distance trail running) was the second longest event of the day, gathering 2,000 participants this year.

1. Julien JORRO (bib #4273– 3H16’57), 2. David GARNIER (bib #5561– 3H21'26), 3. Bertrand GENCE (bib #4274– 3H23'01)



The 30km trail began in Meudon (Hauts-de-Seine, 92), at the Meudon Observatory terrace, usually closed to the public. 3,500 runners launched from the Avenue du Château as of 10 AM.

1. Baptiste LEGUEVAQUE (bib #8574– 01H50'35) 2.Guillaume LECALLIER (bib #7679 - 01H52'54)3. Eddy BARAS (bib #6442 - 01H54'09)


A 100% nature race for 3,200 participants all set to discover the trail state-of-mind on this 18km race.

1. Roberto DELORENZI (Switzerland) (bib #13389 - 01H09'15), 2. Sébastien LEDAY (bib #14069 - 01H10'01), 3. Gediminas GRINIUS, Vibram athlete, (Lituania) (bib #13799 – 01H10’46)

Pictures credits : EcoTrail Paris 2019 - Remi-photo

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Créé en 2008, l’EcoTrail Paris® est une course nature écoresponsable accessible à tous les pratiquants. Elle met en valeur le milieu naturel et culturel francilien en s’inscrivant au coeur des préoccupations du respect de l’environnement. L’événement propose une offre variée de trails, longues et courtes distances, mais également des marches nordiques et randonnées. L’EcoTrail Paris® est depuis 2021 le premier évènement sportif du dispositif Sport Planète élaboré par MAIF.
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Created in 2008, EcoTrail Paris is an eco-responsible nature race accessible to all runners. It highlights the natural and cultural environment of the parisian region by being at the heart of environmental concerns. The event offers a variety of long and short distance trails, but also Nordic walking and hiking. Since 2021, EcoTrail Paris is the first sporting event of the "Sport Planète" Program.