Total success for the 12th edition of the EcoTrail Paris 

After 3 emotionally intense sporting days, the 12th edition of the EcoTrail Paris is coming to an end today. The event beat a new attendance record with 10,776 finishers !

There is no other race like the Eiffel Tower Vertical. The Iron Lady signaled the start of the EcoTrail Paris 2019 on Wednesday, March 13th. And during an incredibly demanding effort in very windy conditions, 130 participants faced the 1,665 of the most visited monument in the world. For the 5th year straight, Piotr LOBODZINSKI and Suzy WALSHAM won the Eiffel Tower Vertical. The Polish runner finished in 07 minutes 53 seconds 97 and hundredths and the Australian runner finished in 10 minutes 16 seconds and 57 hundredths.

Saturday, March 16th, was a 100% trail day where participants were able to run on various trails set in the west of the greater Paris area, on races ranging from 18 to 80km. Thanks to indulgent weather conditions, runners could fully enjoy the environment they were running in for the 12th edition of the EcoTrail Paris. The event was also inaugurating a new finish line for the 30 and 45km trails, with runners finishing at the parvis of the Trocadéro with its breathtaking view on the Eiffel Tower. The emblematic 80km trail, finishing at the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, was won by Benoît CORI, an athlete who regularly ends up on the podium of trail races around the world, in 5 hours 46 minutes and 24 seconds. In the women’s category, it’s Maryline NAKACHE who claimed the win in 6 hours 54 minutes and 47 seconds.

And to close the EcoTrail Paris, around 1,500 participants were able to stride along the various courses of hikes and Nordic walks created for this outdoors weekend!

With 10,776 finishers in 2019, the EcoTrail Paris proved once again that it is a staple of nature events in France and in Europe.

700 volunteers: they made it happen !

In 2018, the EcoTrail Paris suffered awful weather conditions (wind, rain, snow, hail etc.) that could have tempered the enthusiasm of our volunteers for the next edition. It was definitely not the case. More than 700 volunteers were here to take care of the various missions (path marking, refreshment points, start and finish etc.) that made the 2019 edition a resounding success!

EcoTrail Paris: a green race conquering Europe

The EcoTrail is a unique concept of mass event that has managed, since its creation, to combine sporting feats with sustainable development and eco-responsibility.

Many actions are taken before the event, but also after. More than 70 WWF volunteers worked in teams to clean part of the courses after the runners. A great way for organizers to host a “clean race” but also to measure the impact of runners on a natural environment (amount of waste, site degradation). This information will help assess the carbon footprint of the event, thanks to the help of the Yvelines departmental board.

Already happening in Paris, Brussels, Reykjavik, Oslo, Funchal, Madrid, Geneva, Florence or Stockholm, the concept is conquering new lands to offer new or closer destinations to runners.

In 2019, three new events will begin: Wicklow (Ireland) on September 28th, Putrajaya (Malaysia) on October 27th and Chiang Mai (Thailand) on November 24th.


SAVE THE DATE - here is the list of upcoming EcoTrail events :   

- Florence on March 30th 2019

- Oslo on May 25th 2019

- Geneva on June 1st 2019

- Stockholm on June 15th 2019

- Reykjavik on July 5th 2019

- Brussels on September 7th 2019

- Wicklow on September 28th 2019

- Funchal on October 26th 2019

- Putrajya on October 27th 2019

- Madrid on November 9th 2019

- Chiang Mai on November 24th 2019


The full list of results is available at :


Some pictures of the weekend :

A selection of pictures from this weekend is available here : 


Videos are also available here :

- Wednesday (Eiffel Tower Vertical)

- Saturday (EcoTrail Paris - trail races)

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About EcoTrail Paris®

Créé en 2008, l’EcoTrail Paris® est une course nature écoresponsable accessible à tous les pratiquants. Elle met en valeur le milieu naturel et culturel francilien en s’inscrivant au coeur des préoccupations du respect de l’environnement. L’événement propose une offre variée de trails, longues et courtes distances, mais également des marches nordiques et randonnées. L’EcoTrail Paris® est depuis 2021 le premier évènement sportif du dispositif Sport Planète élaboré par MAIF.
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Created in 2008, EcoTrail Paris is an eco-responsible nature race accessible to all runners. It highlights the natural and cultural environment of the parisian region by being at the heart of environmental concerns. The event offers a variety of long and short distance trails, but also Nordic walking and hiking. Since 2021, EcoTrail Paris is the first sporting event of the "Sport Planète" Program.